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the man behind the brand, is the creative force behind KC creations.

Passionate about design, obsessive about details and interested in the juxtaposition of art and décor, KC is inspired by the masters from Cézanne to Tom Ford. Having traveled extensively through France, Italy, China and the US, Kawsar was exposed to, and influenced by the blending of art, craft and technology. What excited him was all the creative possibilities that opened up.

He has assembled an A-team of artists, designers and craftsmen that work with him tirelessly across the workshops and factory floors in pursuit of perfection. Customising for every customer project, what drives Kawsar Chowdhury and the KC team is the desire and thrill of creating spaces where the customer always feels like they have walked into something special, every time.

Kawsar Chowdhury is also the Managing Director of Green Furniture, the parent company of KC and a Director of Green Group.