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About Us

KC’s genesis from one among a few start-up entrepreneurial projects of the brand’s founder, Kawsar Chowdhury, that started around 17 years ago, has by now become a truly leading name in the ultra-premium furniture and exclusive interior design space in Bangladesh, a country that itself has gone through tremendous growth and innovation in the same period.

This journey started from KC the person gathering technologies, machinery, and people that over time allowed their furniture factory and design capabilities to cater to individuals and businesses alike, from whole fit-out of a grand private residence to the full interiors of many hotels and commercial projects including military-related offices and premises – a testimony to the quality of products, reliability and commercial commitment of Kawsar himself.

However, as most of these projects were done on a B2B basis, Kawsar felt his work went under the radar and fell behind the scenes of the mainstream architects who were in fact utilising his designs and concepts, therefore KC the brand was born. Around 10 years ago, this process found its shape and culminated in a unique brand proposition – KC, that stood for the highest quality, superior design and impeccable craftsmanship in the furniture and interiors space, and KC took the existing market by storm. Within a short few years, KC garners accolades and testimonials from local industrialist clients to foreign ambassadors, praising the originality and imagination of Kawsar and his designs.

Having established a superlative benchmark in the Bangladesh market, and having surveyed the global trends in design and furniture from the leading designer houses and super-brands, Kawsar believed that KC could stand its own and find its niche on the world stage and KC Design & Interiors Inc. (KCDI) was born. A New York registered corporation, KCDI is both the global headquarters for the marketing and sales of KC products in the US and around the world, as well as a design and finishing extension of the Bangladesh factory and interior design operations. This allows KC products to take the best elements of manufacturing in Bangladesh with state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing techniques, together with design work across both Bangladesh and the US, to integrate localised client preferences and market trends to keep KC products at the forefront in each of its target markets.

Through KCDI, the KC brand is looking to find its deserving place among the leading premium furniture manufacturers in the world, and also to have a well-respected Contracts division to cater to its B2B clientele in the US and beyond, maintaining the brand’s hallmark of design innovation and originality, and the highest quality of workmanship, timely delivery and expert fit-out by our affiliated concern in New York, AVS Group USA Inc., a leading local signage, visuals and fixtures company. KCDI believes it achieves all this with the most competitive pricing in the industry, a major aspect of KCDI’s philosophy.

KCDI is looking forward to serving the exacting needs of clients demanding the very best in furniture manufacturing and interior design solutions. KCDI strives to make every imagination, however bold, a reality.

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