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Kawsar Chowdhury (KC)

CEO & Creative Director – KCDI
+ 1 (646) 719-3287, +1 (631) 972-3311

Kawsar Chowdhury (fondly known as KC to friends and family) is a self-taught artist and innovator of furniture and interior spaces. He is an entrepreneur with 27 years experience in various start-up businesses.

KC is predominantly based in New York, after having spent many years developing a world-class furniture manufacturing facility in his native Bangladesh.

Now, KC collaborates with US architects, interior designers, and directly with clients across a number of segments including hospitality, retail, commercial and residential. Upon receiving client mandates, KC would physically oversee the initial R&D, prototyping and fabrication process at the Bangladesh unit, shuttling between the plant and KCDI offices in Manhattan, and it’s warehousing and finishing facility in Long Island. KC is looking to grow across the US and other key global markets.

Further, KC is an amateur historian, and specialises in ancient civilisation, with particular interest in the Middle East and India. The art, architecture and design he has researched from these areas is often to be found in his design motifs today. He also has a passion for creative writing and was published in various journals during his college days at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

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