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Private Collection

KC through implementing its brand philosophy of producing well-thought-out imaginative and premium furniture, has developed an exclusive and ever-changing line, the Private Collection. Pieces in this line show the best of KC, from innovative designing to using the most luxurious materials that are globally sourced, while harnessing the best of local materials and talent.

This KC brand philosophy can easily be translated to how we can work with and produce products for our US clients. For an individual private client requiring bespoke turn-key services for interiors, furniture, fixtures and fittings, the end-to-end process used by KC can wholly or in part be utilised by the client, who may give as much or as little input as they wish, and KCDI, using the KC brand philosophy, can execute such a variety of customised client mandates.

Similarly a commercial, hospitality or retail client can “plug-in” to KCDI’s deep-customisation potential, where their in-house design thoughts and requirements can be extensive or sparse, KCDI is willing and able to take the baton on at any stage within the complete design-to-installation process.

Whoever is the client, they can feel rest-assured of receiving the highest quality of design and production services from KCDI, and gaining access to a very rich research, design and innovation facility within KC itself, as exemplified by its own Private Collection line.

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