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What we do......

KCDI is a manufacturer of bespoke high-end residential and commercial furniture, fixtures and fittings. In particular, KCDI focuses on premium furniture, unique wall paneling, ceiling and comprehensive cabinetry works.

Ahead of taking any client orders and irrespective of whether the projects are simple or complex, KCDI commits to produce samples, prototypes and if necessary any designs and technical drawings in-house. For prototyping, if a client has a design or inspiration in mind, KCDI can do all the necessary drawings, materials consultancy and real-time progress reporting before commencement of production of the prototype.

Further, KCDI takes responsibility for transportation logistics, full installation, and fit-out of client orders in the US. Depending on the nature and size of the client’s order and any other logistic requirements, KCDI shall suggest either air or sea freight, we do both.

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