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How we design!

KCDI has invested heavily in printing technologies over many years. We have the capability to print on various types of materials including MDF, acrylic and leather. This manufacturing technique gives KCDI a unique advantage to develop specialized and original prints for the end clients who may be looking for new concepts to set them apart from their competition.

3D Visualization

3D Visualization allows clients to perceive very vividly and accurately the finished space design according to their requirements and as enhanced by KC’s design team, and itself is akin to a work of art itself. KCDI’s team includes an extensive panel of Architects, Interior Designers, and 3D Visualizers, all in-house, to bring alive the concepts and themes discussed between the client and KCDI. Clients can receive our 3D Architectural Interior Visualization Services in a fully-customisable and collaborative way. Additionally, we offer complete interior design solutions including comprehensive consultancy services according to the client's requirements, which would include 2D Furniture Layout, Theme Design, 2D Elevation, 3D Modeling, Rendering and Post Production Services, after the client has provided detailed instructions. For 3D Architectural Interior Visualization Services, we mainly use 3D software such as 3DS Max with V-ray Render and for Post Production we use Adobe Photoshop. The fee scale for these services are commensurate to the volume and complexity of each client mandate, however we pride ourselves in offering excellent value for a premium service.

Committed, creative transformational design​

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